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Blackrock Foundation SolutionsBlackrock Foundation Solutions Inc. is a foundation company which specializes in providing design, supply and installation of shoring and foundation systems.

Our mission is to provide cost effective foundation solutions and exceptional service to developers and general contractors in the Ontario market.

We strive to be the best and the safest in the industry through hard work, determination, ingenuity and commitment to our clients with an effort to develop and maintain long term working relationships.









Caissons are used to transfer structure loads to suitable bearing capacities.

The shaft is constructed by rotary methods using a drill rig and auger. The hole is advanced through soil or rock to the desired bearing stratum. Temporary or permanent steel casings may be used to maintain the sides of the drilled excavation if caving soils or water infiltration becomes a problem.

Drilled shafts can be used to sustain high axial and lateral loads. Blackrock Foundation Solutions Inc. can install caissons with shaft diameters ranging from 18 to 144 inches.


Shoring is a term used to describe a system that functions to retain earth and adjacent structures when excavation is required.

Shoring systems can be installed using piles and timber lagging or can be installed by drilling multiple vertical interlocking caissons which are backfilled with concrete. The interlocking caissons are referred to as caisson walls or secant pile walls.

These shoring systems can be designed as cantilever systems, with tiebacks for externally braced systems and with rakers and struts for internally braced systems.


Railway shoring systems are used when excavation is required in the vicinity of existing railway tracks.

Shoring systems within the vicinity of railway tracks are to meet AREMA guidelines.


Micropiles are small diameter deep foundation elements installed in soil or rock. They are constructed using high-strength threadbar and grout and can vary in diameter from 3 inches to 12 inches.

A steel casing is advanced to the design depth by use of a micropile drilling rig. A high strength bar is installed and grout is pumped within the steel casing. Depending on the design requirements, the casing can either be left in the hole or retracted and placed within the free zone of the micropile.

A completed micropile can be designed to resist lateral, compressive loads and tensile loads. Blackrock Foundation Solutions Inc. can install micropiles in areas of restricted access and areas with low headroom.



Sheet piles are thin sheets of steel with interlocks built into each side to allow the sheets to connect to each other to create a continuous wall.

Sheet pile walls can be temporary or permanent and are often used for roadway protection, cofferdams and earth retention. Sheet piles are very durable and are capable of retaining both water and earth.


Underpinning is the process of reinforcing existing foundations to accommodate more loads on the existing structure or to provide support and stability in the face of adjacent excavation.

Micropiles and various other anchors can be utilized to reinforce footings. Other conventional methods such as form and pour can also be implemented to provide support and stability.


Shotcrete shoring can be used for slope stabilization and for earth excavation shoring.

This type of shoring can be used in areas of restricted access or in low headroom areas.

The existing soil requiring stabilization is excavated in maximum 4ft lifts either vertically or with a berm. Soil anchors are then installed.


Piles are used to transfer structure loads to apt bearing strata much like caissons.

Typical piling sections such as H-Pile and HSS are driven using a crane accessorized with a leader system. A diesel hammer is then suspended to this system and subsequently drives the Piles in the ground to the appropriate bearing strata.

This application is a staple for deep foundation construction in infrastructure, especially bridges and docks.





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